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Haaspoort written by John M Riggs

Why you may ask ?

Due top exceptional environmental attributes of the property Haaspoort, it should be written about.

The Eastern Cape fast becoming a safari and eco-tourism paradise where you can see the Big 5 and now lately the Big 7 rather and not get Malaria since the Anopheles mosquitoes does not survive here .

Offered here are opportunities for individual properties available here and or Sectional titles or RCI styled Resorts Condominiums , with its perfect spring summer and autumn weather ,weather to die for at the vicinity of Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve and Haaspoort Private bush camp.

Images of Blaauwbosch and surrounds by a lady who has visited recently can be seen at this blog

and more at :

This area is a traditionally used as crossbow and bow hunting area and photographic safaris area where big game hunters can hunt some animals often not found on the usual lists of animals conservation efforts though seem to be moving towards no or less shooting or very selective shooting.

Situated 1 and 1/2 hours from Port Elizabeth and strategically between Jansenville and the intersection via Steytlerville, which incidentally has a derelict airfield , over the concrete road to Willowmore connects the Route 62 over Noorspoort and Baroe to the R75 between Graaff reinet and Port Elizabeth

Haaspoort has spectacular views of Cockscomb Mountain Peak,the haunt of the Cape vulture and lammergeiers occasionally ,the peak situated at the base of which is a stunning gorge on the Grootriver at Sandvlakte(colloquial terms for “Sandy Flats”) , & easy 4X 4 access to Kouga Dam , Cambria Baviaanskloof and Gamtoes River Valley citrus growing area and also is not very far from Glen Connor and Sap Kamma Kirkwood's Sundays River valley Citrus growing area.

Biographically and eco-tourism conservation orientated and wisely set amongst the western extremities of GreaterAddo national Park and Eastern Extremities of Baviaanskloof Mega reserve area and planning areas of both as done by Nelson Mandela Bay University Terrestrial Ecosystems Program

Haaspoort ,situated a mere 15 kilometers away,as the crow flies, from Lake Darlington formerly know as Lake Mentz this are is opportune to be developed into a irrigation projects with flood and drought mitigation aspects to it .

This locality is set in a Karroo area thus semi desert region of the Eastern Cape it also is a transitional area from valley bush veld also known as Albany subtropical thicket and Eastern Cape grasslands regions of southern Africa.

Conservation of Aloe springbokvlaktensis and Euphoria esculenta ,Euphorbia caput medusae and others (Vingerpol & Noors )and Haworthia species and other species of succulent like “vygies” drosanthemun and other species spectacular when in spring flower

Unique endemic avian life fauna and flora are key assets of this area as well as specialized conservation efforts to secure the vistas.

Haaspoort offers you luxury at a reasonable cost this opportunity is offered by John M Riggs the developer


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  2. please note: the 3 web locality of the original texts and in addition that the Imagine Rooms will be provided as part of the accommodation options at the property:

    design something "Singita Lodge-like(akin to Higgovale like) and that can be easily erected in Port Elizabeth area but still about 170 kilometers into hinterland.

    "Imagine Bedroom"

    Imagine a bed and bedroom of white linen only.

    Imagine a room nearly white but just a tone darker than your white bed.

    Imagine a bed so big it as a double-double bed.

    Imagine a bed room with a wall of windows on the left and right hand sides

    Imagine an uncluttered bedroom filled with only the bed and a bath.

    Imagine a bedroom with a view of a beautiful mountain peak out your window.

    Imagine a room with a beautiful valley as a view out the other window.

    Imagine a room with a waist height wall, at the position of your head board, separating your bed from your bathroom.

    Imagine a bedroom that is as indoors (and comfortable, cozy and closed and private) as it is outdoors.

    A bedroom with wooden balaua decks on either side of it.

    A room with rim flow pool (or pools on either) side of it.

    Costs : (ZAR 4 Million for complete & furnished unit of +/- 100 to 120 square meters selling price of ZAR 5 Million)

    2 double beds

    One couch off white leather/suede or velvet

    One loose large comfortable chair off white

    One off-white very large wooly rug

    One wall full of sliding mirrors covering your cupboards

    Grey floor tiles

    Purple /Burgundy Ottoman of rich soft fabric and dark fragrant wood

    Wall in cupboards a wallfull

    Suspended ceilings with downlighters and dimmers

    Bottom heated floors

    Solar efficient

    Other stuff:

    One wooden deck on each side of your dwelling

    Full kitchen(oven/stove/ fridge/freezer/dishwasher)

    Full his-and-hers bathroom

    Indoor dining room /kitchen table with 6 or 8 chairs

    One indoor coffee table and one 3 seater couch

    Outdoor Kitchen

    Bar fridge and booze cabinet for outdoor

    Outdoor stuff

    A rim flow pool (or two) as an option/~s

    A Jacuzzi (or two) as an option/~s

    Bar fridge and booze cabinet for outdoor

    Outdoor weather proof table and 6 or 8 chairs

    Outdoor loose recliner chairs two of

    Outdoor coffee table

    Two sets of: Two of two seater outdoor weather proof couches

    One of three of four outdoor weatherproof couches

    One outdoor built-in barbeque

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  4. Hunting has never been for he faint hearted ,indeed Kings in Africa in older times were never said to be true kings unless they had killed a lions by their one hands.

    In modern times hunting supports entire eco -tourism ventures and large extended families get food on there tables due to rich visitors from all over the World who come and hunt anything from a mongoose to a lion or elephant where it is illegal and also where it is illegal to do so in Africa .

    South Africa has a strong conservation ethic and has to cull excess animals another African Country Tanzanian which has the most land of any in the entire world conserved is the only other country in Africa where on can hunt lions legally.

    We offer Lions and also rare White lions for that mater for hunters interested to take up this challenge.


    Truthand Reconciliation Ofsa is the going to be next Orania .

    The concepts at Oriana are similar to those who purported the Development of " Haaspoort Wolvefontein and Kleinpoort "and modeled on some perhaps controversial(or in the ve...ry least for some liberal types) ideas like those of "ubiquitous" villages , Mormons , Churches of Later Day Saints,Kibbutz and Amish communities and what does indeed work in those communities ,primaly have in common self determination and self preservation and common cultural identities thus Afrikaners Orania should and will succeed in my view.

    Clarification needs to be made for public benefit and education and about who and what Afrikaners are ad not and this means considerations of non European Afrikaners and Afrikaners in other places like Mexico and Argentina too.

    Furthermore the legitmacy of Afrikaners self determination and reasons for being party to the UNPO ,namely the "Un-represented People Organization in Europe" and clarification of some false views by people who draw comparisons between Ukrainians Orange Revolution which can be nothing further from the facts surrounding the reasons for Existence of Orania.

    My observations is that Orania is pro- Afrikaans , and into good neighborliness and simply determined to look after Afrikaners interests regardless of any other considerations never has this been more important than now when in our current times ANC lead,sum and even some Black Ethnic African say is a criminal and corrupt government too-enormously dysfunctional municipalities are a known fact illustrative of this view , south Africa which is generally owned by Afrikaners too is suffering and has seen a great increase in impoverishment of the Afrikaners,while very few elitist black ride the wave to riches at the expenses of very many south African both black and white

    People have asked me a number of times about what I think of Orania.
    Wel Ornaioa is n mooi plek verder is dit ordentlik bestuur en baie netjies .

    Die mense op Orania is ook nie Rassiste soos hulle vyande beweer en het wel self Julius Malema en Nelson Mandlea goed ontvang.

    Orania is vir Afrikaans en selfbeskiking van Afrikaners self Vali Moosa het gedink die is n goeie plan lees meer hieroor by :,_Northern_Cape

    My Summary conclusion : ORANIA WILL REMAIN THE ENVY OF EVERY FAILED GOVERNMENT IN AFRICA ,thus I wish Orania well and hope they proposer and continue to lead Southern Africa by example I would more there tomorrow if it is logical an profitable to uproot my business and relocate it to Orania and love the idea of eh White Nationalism and Afrikaner Self determination which is clearly something the Afrikaners should be proud of .

    Keep it up Orania ,julle blink skitterend !

  6. Dus is die Republiek van Orania al amper an waarheid !

    die bladsye verwys :

    Die konsep word sterk deur die politiekebeweeging namelik die " " bevorder.

    Hier is party van die redes hoekom!

    Kyk maar gerus hier

    Soek daarvoor by :

    Mooi bly .