Sunday, August 9, 2009


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    Has very good links and photos of CAPE TOWN !

    Useful for Germans since it is German

  2. Please check did you see the news and did you read and yet

  3. Yeah :) it´s nice, i like it a lot too.

  4. ,Please have a good look at this page : NEWS ABOUT CAPE PARTY I support this concept wholeheartedly for a large number of reasons but mostly the Cape Party was committed to keeping the ANC out, and would vote for the DA mayor, and use its seats in council as a platform to disseminate the message of Independence.

    In any event Afrikaaners need a homeland as do Boers and other people who do not think ANC or DA istheir political home or political choice .

    The history of the CAPE suggests that it is perfectly justified to have a country called the CAPE .

    VIVA THE CAPE REPUBLIC it is a certain choice and certain option which is very logical too.

    See the manifesto at :

    Brought to you while watching Rugby and typing this wonderful VOLKSNUUS.

    This information is provided by “Johnny Haaspoort “who is from in the CAPE